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"A Book That Changed My Life": 


Hi! This is Albie from Pasadena, California,
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I absolutely love sailing and you will find me most weeks out on the water
sailing somewhere between San Pedro Harbor and Catalina island. I also love
working online too. I'm guessing you do too?

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Ever read a book that changed your life?

This book called the "Twelve Pillars" by Jim Rohn sure did that for me.
I found this book to be one of the most easy to read, enjoyable books and yet most 
life changing books. It's written in story form and such a practical guidebook
for life I've ever read.

These Pillars are fundamental pieces of
life's puzzle that will help you in your personal and business life.

I encourage you to write down or copy each Pillar somewhere you can remember it. 
Jim Rohn had a phrase he used to always say: "Work harder on yourself then on your job."
He would say if you want to make more money, become more valuable to the marketplace
by studying and taking the classes to improve yourself.

Want to join my team and work together on building
a business and achieving this together?

Simply reply back to this email with the subject: "show me how" and I will!


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Written by Albion Derbyshire © 2019 Inspired by Jim Rohn

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